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  • Omdoos Sim Kaart, Sim kaart (Testitem) Omdoos Sim Kaart, Sim kaart (Testitem)
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Omdoos Sim Kaart

Artist: Sim kaart
12", Unknown, Fri, 14 Jan 2000
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Astral bestseller rank: #721359 in 12'', #286228 in House (See Top 100 House , See Top 100 12'' ).


played by: Federico Molinari, Alex
Flatner, Monika Kruse, Kreon, Ray
Okpara, Ekkohaus, Julietta, Varoslav,
Meat, Alex Niggermann, Dan Drastik,
Alex Flitsch, Mirco Violi, Acumen,
Patrick Zigon, Andre Crom, Dualton,
Martin Eyrer, Fabio Gianelli,..
We are very happy to present the next outstanding release
on percusa records. Enjoy a full package with incredible
new tracks from our man JOBB and get addicted to the
great rmxs from our friends David Pher and Chris Wood !
The original of "My Personal Addiction" is a wonderful
smoky jazzy Tune where "JOBB" is taking us to the secret
basement of blue notes and a perfect party mood. "Slown
Down" is following this jazzy vibe and take it further with
some nice chords an perfect male vocals. David´s remix is
an absolute floor killer, even proved on the big stages,
always confirmed with amazing reaction on the dancefloor,
the dirty beats and the deep duby chord are making this
interpretation to a special one. "Chris Wood" is choosing
with his remix the smooth and groovy direction, close to the
original but still different and perfect for every time. We
hope you enjoy and share our love for this exciting
collection of honiest house music


12'' 1
1/1 - Rise - Eddie Amador - Alex Nocera Radio
1/2 - Rise - Eddie Amador - Alex Nocera Remix
1/3 - Rise - Eddie Amador - Dave Elle Radio Remix
1/4 - Rise - Eddie Amador - Dave Elle Remix
1/5 - Rise - Eddie Amador - Erick Violi Radio Remix
1/6 - Rise - Eddie Amador - Erick Violi Remix
1/7 - Rise - Eddie Amador - Vito Soprano Radio Remix
1/8 - Rise - Eddie Amador - Vito Soprano Remix



Format: 12"

Release date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000

Genre: House

Label: Unknown


Catalogue number: Testitem

Barcode EAN7434029346352