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  • Universal Religion Chapter 2, Armin van Buuren (Arma018) Universal Religion Chapter 2, Armin van Buuren (Arma018)

Universal Religion Chapter 2

Artist: Armin van Buuren
CD, Armada Music, Mon, 11 Oct 2004
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Imagine yourself on a white island surrounded by a clear blue sea where the sun always shines. You are there with all of your close friends. You can go to a one of the many intimate beaches where you will be alone and sunbathe. Or you can chill at a pool and have a barbeque. And there™re hundreds of special little restaurants that nobody™s heard of and serve the best food. And whereyou™ll find the best clubs in the world where everybody cheers when the sun comes up or goes down!There™s something unique about this place called Ibiza. I couldn™t believe it until I went there myself for the first time. This place actually exists! This thing they call ˜the balearic feeling™ grabs you as soon as you land and get off the plane. It™s everywhere! Ibiza is known also for it™s unique balearic sound. Records that have a special connection with the people from Ibiza.What you hold in your hands now is a live recording of my set at Armada at Amnesia, Ibiza on Tuesday 31st of August 2004. I hope this cd helps you to create the balearic feeling whereever you are.Armin van Buuren, September 2004Territory restrictions : Benelux, GAS, USA/Canada, South Africa, Taiwan, Australia.


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Format: CD

Release date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004

Genre: Trance

Label: Armada Music


Catalogue number: Arma018

Barcode 8717306931007