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  • Las Vegas '10, Markus Schulz (Arma235) Las Vegas '10, Markus Schulz (Arma235)

Las Vegas '10

Artist: Markus Schulz
CD 2X, Armada Music, Mon, 22 Feb 2010
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After full focus on Miami, Ibiza, Amsterdam and Toronto, Markus Schulz announces the new clubbing Mecca with a two disk ode to Las Vegas - the city where anything really can happen. A fitting source of inspiration to the man that has seen big things happen to him over the past few years. The current number 8 DJ in the critically acclaimed DJ Mag Top 100 was chosen 'Best American DJ' at the IDMA's, saw his 'Do You Dream' and 'The New World' become the official anthems of two major events, unleashed his Dakota alias with the 'Thoughts Become Things' album and kept his speed by clocking one fabulous gig after another. Anything does happen to Markus Schulz.
For Markus Schulz, Las Vegas has been one of the most influential and inspirational cities he has played over the past 12 months. Markus:"Las Vegas has been a big part of my year. When it came time to pick the next city in the series, it was the first one that came to me. There is this vibe in Vegas that anything is possible. Like the cab driver can hit the million dollar jackpot and tomorrow be living like a king. I wanted to bring the bling-bling, the over the top vibe that I feel every time I go there, to my compilation."
Bling-bling may not be the first thing you associate 'Las Vegas '10' with, but a selection of deep proggy beats and warm melodic infusions of trance might do. Chunky, fresh tracks by upcoming talents like Shogun, Skytech and Ummet Ozcan set forth the Las Vegas sound and mingle amongst the unreleased but 2010-defining tracks by names such as Max Graham, Mike Foyle, Arnej and Markus himself under his Dakota alias. With 'Las Vegas '10', Markus Schulz shows that what happens in Vegas, doesn't always have to stay there.


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CD 1
Play 1/1 - Rain - Clinch -
Play 1/2 - Follow - Torin Schmitt Feat. Ryan Merch -
Play 1/3 - Style Fusion - Elsandro - Jessus Progressivo Mix
Play 1/4 - Chinook - Dakota - Afterhours Mix
Play 1/5 - Opera Of Northern Ocean - Rex Mundi -
Play 1/6 - Blossom - Mike Foyle -
Play 1/7 - Pacific Waves - Veselin Tasev - Evgeny Bardyuzha Remix
Play 1/8 - Simplicity - Mr. Pit -
Play 1/9 - On Hold - Karanda -
Play 1/10 - Ping Pong - Arnej -
Play 1/11 - The Halo Effect - Phynn Presents Binary Star -
Play 1/12 - Always A New Day - Norin & Rad -
Play 1/13 - Daimyo - Thomas Cresine -
Play 1/14 - Meant To Be Free - Anton Firtich Feat. Victoria M -
CD 2
Play 2/1 - Sin City - Dakota - Intro Mix
Play 2/2 - Comet - Skytech -
Play 2/3 - Here For Me - Julian Vincent Feat. Cathy Bur - Mark Otten Extended Mix
Play 2/4 - Maybe - Re-ward Vs Dr Willis - Tydi's Stadium Mix
Play 2/5 - Katsu - David Forbes -
Play 2/6 - They Need Us - Arnej -
Play 2/7 - Sun In The Winter - Max Graham Feat. Neev Kennedy -
Play 2/8 - Departures - Trilucid - Yuri Kane Remix
Play 2/9 - You - Robert Burian Feat. Zdenka Pre - Club Mix
Play 2/10 - This Room Is Not Big Enough - Mr. Pit -
Play 2/11 - Koko - Wilson, Smallwood & Ingram -
Play 2/12 - Next Phase - Ummet Ozcan - Phase 1 Mix
Play 2/13 - Deadly Nightshade - Mike Foyle Presents Statica - Phynn Remix
Play 2/14 - Waiting For The Sun - Beatservice Meets Tucandeo -
Play 2/15 - Connected - Shogun -



Format: CD 2X

Release date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010

Genre: Trance

Label: Armada Music


Catalogue number: Arma235

Barcode 8717306961219