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  • Ghosts, Smoke Fairies (Heroes132cd) Ghosts, Smoke Fairies (Heroes132cd)


Artist: Smoke Fairies
CD, Music For Heroes, Mon, 30 Sep 2013
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London duo Smoke Fairies release a double CD of early works entitled Ghosts on September 30th. This retrospective release features their limited, long-sold-out 7" singles on disc one - the ‘Frozen Heart EP’, their debut single ‘Living With Ghosts’ (the release that caught the ears of Jack White and inspired him to immediately whisk the band to Nashville to record for his Third Man Records label) and the amazing ‘Sunshine’ single. CD2 is a complete bonus disc of early studio sessions from 2007-08. These tracks were only ever sold at gigs or have never been released at all. Included is the sublime ‘Good Man’ along with other early classics, all recorded before their acclaimed 2011 debut album, Through Low Light and Trees.

With tracks produced by guitar virtuoso and frequent Brian Eno and Pulp collaborator Leo Abrahams and with guest performances from Ed Harcourt, to later recordings produced by multi-instrumentalist David Coutler featuring Andy Newmark (Sly and the Family Stone, John Lennon), Al Mobbs (Good The Bad and The Queen, Gorillaz) and long-time Smoke Fairies collaborator Neil Walsh, these recordings document the London duo’s early beginnings.

The collection features never-before-released tracks, along with long-sold-out material such as the Frozen Heart EP and Smoke Fairies’ debut single, Living with Ghosts. The latter being the release that Jack White heard in a bar and inspired him to immediately whisk the band to Nashville to record for his Third Man Records label. Other rarities include tracks from a tour-only Vinyl and CD, which was available exclusively on Smoke Fairies’ US tour supporting Laura Marling in 2009, and tracks from the highly sought-after Came A Winter EP originally ‘released’ as a burnt, hand stamped CD sold at gigs.

‘When I listen to those songs now, I hear a naivety that you can never replicate,’ says Jessica Davies. ‘We had just moved to London and had so much hope for where those recordings could take us’.

Indeed, Ghosts represents a triptych of Smoke Fairies’ developing sound, from their experiences travelling in the US deep south to the northwest of Canada, conveying a pastoral nostalgia combined with apprehension over the future, to the later recordings which firmly established the signature Smoke Fairies’ sound of weaving guitars and interlocking vocals.

‘The musicians involved on this record are the people who set us on the path to where we are now, at a time when no one knew who we were,’ says Katherine Blamire. ‘I am proud the songs from those early sessions are finally being released as a whole’.

Smoke Fairies will take a break from recording their third yet-to-be-titled album to take the songs of Ghosts on a UK tour of intimate venues. Support and backing will be provided by seminal ‘cello rock’ artists, Rasputina, whom Smoke Fairies met when they were asked to support on Rasputina’s 2011 US tour.


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CD 1
Play 1/1 - Sunshine - Smoke Fairies -
Play 1/2 - When You Grow Old - Smoke Fairies -
Play 1/3 - Living With Ghosts - Smoke Fairies -
Play 1/4 - Troubles - Smoke Fairies -
Play 1/5 - Frozen Heart - Smoke Fairies -
Play 1/6 - Fences - Smoke Fairies -
Play 1/7 - Morning Light - Smoke Fairies -
Play 1/8 - We Had Lost Our Minds - Smoke Fairies -
Play 1/9 - He's Moving On  - Smoke Fairies -
CD 2
Play 2/1 - The Water Waits  - Smoke Fairies -
Play 2/2 -  Bones  - Smoke Fairies -
Play 2/3 - Another Night  - Smoke Fairies -
Play 2/4 - Riverbed  - Smoke Fairies -
Play 2/5 - Good Man  - Smoke Fairies -
Play 2/6 - I Get So Lonely - Smoke Fairies -
Play 2/7 - Tonight  - Smoke Fairies -
Play 2/8 - The Road Is Long - Smoke Fairies -
Play 2/9 - Sea Shanty II - Smoke Fairies -



Format: CD

Release date: Mon, 30 Sep 2013

Genre: Pop

Label: Music For Heroes


Catalogue number: Heroes132cd

Barcode 0795984113227